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Susan Welcomes YOU!

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If you want to

Fire Up Your Love Life!

Fire Up Your LOVE Life,

you are in the right place! 

Choose your choice of Relationship Reports from best selling Author and Relationship Expert, Susan Bradley RN and the opportunity for a 30 min. FREE Fall in Love Now Session.

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Type in your Email to receive your FREE Report & Bonus LOVE Advice SESSION with

Celebrity Relationships Expert Susan Bradley. We will NEVER share your info with anyone else.

You receive your choice of two reports. Check off the box.

Email address where we can send you your report.

BONUS! BONUS ! Claim FREE Love Advice Session (via phone) with acclaimed Love Expert, Susan Bradley. Bring your most burning Relationship Questions/Challenges. Pls put your full name and Phone # below so that Susan's scheduler can set up your appt.

Want that FREE BONUS? All you have to do is Click here for LOVE!: =>



Susan has written three books on love and has been featured on

Nat"l TV in five major countries. She has been featured in Cosmo,

on CNN, Montel Williams, & Good Day New York, Sacramento,

Dallas, Chicago and on CBS, FOX, and NBC.

Books: How to be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex,

Irresistible Prescriptions for Love, & How to

Flirt & NOT Look Like you are in Heat! 

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