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Are you Avoiding Valentines Day? Again?
Everyone has FIVE different Love Blocks


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Are you Avoiding Valentines Day? Again?

Are you avoiding Valentines Day again?

I was shocked to find out how many singles go out of town with friends to avoid having to deal with the fact that they are "still" not in a relationship.    I truly believe that singles really don't have enough "Skin" in the game of love.   WE have to have jobs or some way of financially taking care of ourselves.  That is NOT an option.  But, love is somehow put on the back burner because people view it as an optional item.

Everyone has FIVE different Love Blocks

Everyone has five different love blocks.  This is normal.   No matter how transformed, educated, or balanced you are, you will have five different Love Blocks. 

Whenever you are upset at anyone for any reason you can bet that one of your Love Blocks was triggered.

1. Fear of Abandonment. 
2. Fear of Committment
3. Fear of being Dominated or Controlled.
4. Fear of being Rejected/Not Accepted
5. Fear of being  Hurt Again

You have love blocks if you can answer yes to any of the following questions.